UNBELIEVABLE! Drobo went out...AGAIN!

I am so beyond angry right now. This is my second Drobo 5N. This one is 4 years old. In June, my Drobo went out. I spent $1,000 to get it back up and running and another $1,500 on a new system because I don’t trust Drobo any more. I thought I had lost everything but thankfully, the $1,000 I spent they were able to recover/recreate the top drive, which is the one that went out and apparently runs the whole system. I have spent every day since I got it fixed transferring over files to my new system. I have about 20TB in my system…lots of stuff!! My Drobo JUST WENT OUT AGAIN!! Same exact problem as last time. I can not afford to keep getting this stupid thing fixed so I have now lost the last 6 years of personal pictures and the last 15 years of work. Thanks for nothing Drobo!

It BEGGARS BELIEF that people continue to fail to maintain external backup copies of their important data. A Drobo, or any RAID unit for that matter, is a SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE in any system if you ignore backing up its contents. Data replication within a RAID array IS NOT a back-up regime.

Whilst I regret that your Drobo has ‘failed’, your lax attitude to the integrity of your data is the larger issue at play here.

Thank you so very much Mr. High & Mighty. I would think with the amount of money that is sunk into these systems that they would last a little longer than 4 months. If you didn’t read my post completely, I said that I was in the process of backing it all up when it failed again. I was told years ago when I bought this system that it was what I needed for keeping all of my data safe…thus the RAID system.

Your input was so very helpful in a stressful situation.