Unallocated volume after unplugging usb cable

hello, so I wanted to flash my bios on my pc today so i went and unplugged my 5C and restarted my pc to flash it . and after doing so everything worked so i went ahead and plugged the 5C back again only to show up as an unallocated volume/drive. i opened up the dashboard and it says new drive and it needs to be formatted BUT it also shows it has around 16TB of data used out of the total space it has. any ideas on how to fix this ?? i don’t want to lose all my lifes work today … i turned off the drive and did NOTHING so far other than contacting support and posting here.

Without looking at the actual dashboard & knowing what sizes of drives are installed it’s difficult to say. There are situations where a Drobo will create a second volume & ask to format it though, if that’s what’s happened formatting it would be harmless & leave the original untouched.

Main question is, is your drive & data available from your main operating system? If not , then there’s a potential big problem where you might need to contact support.

i cant access the data from the OS but i can see that its there in the dashboard .

![drobo 4|451x500]

sorry cant upload more than one image as im new here .

lets say i need to recover the data . can i remove one drive from the 5C and install it in my system to recover to ? i dont have the means to get a new drive right now and im thinking the 5C should rebuild itself in few hours then i`ll format the 12TB drive to recover the data on .

I wouldn’t risk removing a drive. If the unit tries to rebuild I think it would do so on the basis it thinks there’s no data to protect, or no filesystem it understands. I’d think that would represent a real risk of losing any data that might be recoverable from the entire disk pack.

I’d be tempted to contact support. The fact it’s showing up as unallocated suggests the partition table is damaged, they might be able to suggest tools which you could use to attempt recovering it.

i was recovering my company data to handover ( i had a copy on my system ) when this happened and they offered to help .im going to take the unit there right now . they said its a simple issue . crossing everything at the moment :> i care a bit about the company data but care more for my own :S (( they already have 80% of it and i was downloading the rest when this happened )) .wish me luck. also i did contact drobo and waiting for them .