Unallocated Space

Hey all,

I added today a new harddisk to my drobo. At the moment i got 2x 1,5 tb and 1x 2 tb installed. Since today there is 735,32 gb unallocated space. I already searched the forum for this, but so far i got still some questions.

My main question: am i able to set the drobo to the 16 tb so it automatically formats the new disk to the same diskdrive ( so adding the total amount to 1 drive) without formatting and erasing all the data ?

Some of your unallocated space is probably reserved for expansion - check the Droboulator for your model and put your drive sizes in to verify.

Drobo will present as many n TB volumes as is necessary to completely “cover” your total protected physical storage.

Volumes are never removed, even if your total protected physical storage reduces.

For example, say you have 2 x 2 TB drives and 2 x 1 TB drives in Single-Disk Redundancy, resulting in 3.6 TB of total protected storage…
2TB volumes: 2
4TB volumes: 1
8TB volumes: 1
16TB volumes: 1

Say now you upgrade (one-at-a-time, of course) drives to 4 x 2 TB drives, resulting in 5.5 TB of total protected storage…
2 TB volumes: 3
4 TB volumes: 2
8 TB volumes: 1
16 TB volumes: 1

The available protected storage space is shared among all those volumes dynamically, so in the 5.5 TB example, you could have two 100% full volumes and the third 75% full, or any combination of usage on the three volumes that does not exceed 5.5 TB total.

Once you set the volume size you cannot change it. In order to change the volume size, you would need to copy/move all your data off the volume, reformat the Drobo volume with the new volume size, then move your data back.

On DroboPro and DroboElite, you have smart volumes, so you could just create a new smart volume of the desired size, move your data from the smaller volume(s) onto the new volume, then delete the smaller volume(s).

thank you for your fast replay bhiga.
I already was scared that i would need to move all data to another storage facility to resize the drobo to the maximum size.

Another question of mine will be then: At the moment the maximum Size of the drobo is 2 TB. Am i able to set the size straight to 16 tb or can if i upgrade it again later will i need to format it again?

What OS are you on? Some have volume size limitations.

Windows 7, that has a maximum drive size of 16 TB

If you want to go to 16TB on a regular 4-bay Drobo or a Drobo S you will have to copy the data off it, reformat the Drobo as 16TB, and copy the data back to the Drobo. As bhiga says, if you have one of the 8 bay models like the Elite or the Pro then you can play “smart volume” games to move the data more-or-less “in place” without having to copy the data off the Drobo.

If you are going to do it, do it now. It sounds like you probably have less than 2TB, so I’d go get a USB or eSATA 2TB drive, copy everything to that, reformat your Drobo and copy it all back. If you keep the 2TB drive afterwards you will have a backup copy of your Drobo data as well!

Completely agree with Spiney - if you’re going to make a change, now is the time to do it - before you have so much data that it is cumbersome to back up, which is how I ended up with a Drobo to back up my Drobo…

Just upgraded firmware on my “online” Drobos from 1.3.6 to 1.3.7 (yeah, I know I’m far behind, just never had a pressing reason to update) - and it was a very good feeling to know that if something really took a dive, I still have a backup copy of my essential data on another known-good unit.

I got another question, i might found an solution but i dont know if it is possible.

At the moment i bought an 2nd 2 tb disk so ( 2x 2tb + 2x 1,5 tb).

Question: Is it possible that i make an 2nd partition where the maximum capacity is straight 16 tb? so i just copy all my files to the other capacity and then afther i will delete the first capacity and add these harddisk to the other one?

You can only do this on a Pro or an Elite, using smart volumes.
The only way to add extra partitions to a regular Drobo is to add more storage, and once you get more than the formatted volume size it will create another volume. It will only create using the formatted size though, so if you formatted at 2TB then you would only get 2TB extra partitions. Your only option is to copy the data off, reformat at 16TB, and copy the data back, sorry… I did this with 2.5TB a while back, but I used network storage as the temporary location, on a 100Mbit network. Each copy took 10 days! It was worth it though.

Thank you for your fast reply spiney,

How do you mean the network storage as the temporaty location? Did you got another harddisk where this tempory location is at or?

I am thinking to borrow some external harddisk ( probly 2 ) to put all my data on, but i wonder how you did it, it might fix it for me aswell