Unallocated space Query

I’m a new Drobo owner so still getting to grips with the system.
I started with one 1.5 TB drive but have since added 2 x 1.5 TB drives.

After adding the 3rd drive I now have 732 gb which is labelled as ‘Unallocated’ (shaded in blue on the pie chart).

It seems that the Drobo has made my first volume up to 2 TB then labelled what’s left as Unallocated.

When I start my system Drobo now reveals the message “new volume detected” and asks if I want to format it. However the default volume Drive letter it comes up with is the same as my first Drobo volume and I can not change it. The same happens if I select format on the dashboard tools so I’m reluctant to procede any further.

Ideally I’d like just one big volume (not 2) which my system should support (Vista 64). Any ideas how I can get to that and what is happening here?

Any assitance much appreciated

Well in the absence of any replies I’ve reformatted my drives. Didn’t really want to do this but poblem solved.

@bluesplayer43, DRI is not open on the weekends. Sorry I didn’t see this until today, Monday.

It looks like you exceeded your original format size. You only needed to format the new volume. You didn’t need to format the whole drobo again.

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortuantely since I commisioned the Drobo using only one 1.5 TB disk it didn’t present me with a volume size to choose from and automatically initialised the Drobo volume to a default 2TB.

Adding the 2 x 1.5 TB drives filled that remaining volume up to 2 TB with the additional space labelled ‘unallocated’. When I try to create a new volume from the unallocated space and format that, it only presented me with the same drive letter as the first volume, the rest were grayed out. And I could not see anyway how to procede without affecting the first volume.

I think the problem lies just starting Drobo with one disk.

Anyway I’ve reformatted the whole lot and this time was allowed to set the size to 16TB. I have another tedious back up to perform, but the volume is now correct and expandadable.

When are we going to see Drobo’s built into desktops, that would be ideal?



“When are we going to see Drobo’s built into desktops, that would be ideal?”

What exactly do you mean?

My desktop PC holds about 7 hard drives. Every time I need more space I have to open the case, fit the disk in a very narrow fiddly slot, fix 4 screws, 2 cables, and then format the disk. I don’t know if anything is wrong with a drive until I lose data or my system fails (as it did recently, and which was the deciding facor in my purchase of a Drobo). Wouldn’t it be great if the Drobo technology was built into my Desktop. Adding disk would simply be a matter of opening a door at the front and sliding in another disk. Surely this is the way forward for PC’s?

I realise that this means a re-design of PC boxes, but if you guys at Drobo are not talking to some major case manufacturers and PC makers then you should be. Plus the Drobo could have a sata interface and users would gain much needed speed. A thought for the future perhaps?

it wouldnt need much of a redesign… they could make it as a 3 x 5.25" disk bay backplane

most towers have at least 3 x 5.25" disk bays, just slots your internal drobo into that… plug in 1 power cable for your PC and 1 (dare i say it) SATA cable cable, and vola, in-built drobo