Unable to write after computer restart/shut down.

Hi. I own a 3rd gen Drobo. Recently I had a disk failure, so I replaced it with a larger capacity disk. My current array is: 5/4/4/4 TB. But now every time I shutdown/restart my computer (a MacPro), I can’t write any files on the Drobo. The disk is shown on Finder, I can access its files, I can create folders but I can’t move to/replace files on it and “Drobo Dashboard” can’t find the Drobo. The only thing that fixes it is to shutdown the Drobo and turn it back on, what is really annoying to do every single time I have to restart/shut down my computer. I have also tried to use DiskWarrior to check its directory optimization index, but everything seems fine. As a side note, usually the Drobo has it own icon on the desktop, but when it stops working properly, the icon shown is the yellow one. Other thing is that I’m currently under 5% of free space, so usually a red light indicates what HD I should replace. But, when it’s not working properly, this same light is shown in yellow. After the restart, it becomes red again and the disk works ok again - until I have to shutdown/restart my computer.
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Mac OSX 10.12.3

hi wagner, sorry to hear about your current situation.
as i was reading a few thoughts came to mind…

can i check if your drobo is plugged in directly to the computer via usb?

can you also see any other messages in dashboard, about the current drobo status, and if you can see (when not doing anything yourslef), if the used space and free space (including values and %) seems to change on its own?

can you also check if there is anything else running or accessing the drobo, such as a program using a database file on the drobo (maybe itunes library or spotlight indexing etc)? if so, it might be good to stop those for the moment.

usually when a drive fails, and is replaced with a similar drive, the new drive gets assimilated into the diskpack and a rebuild can take place. (sometimes when a drive is assimilated into the pack, it can appear as though it was quick, but some background processes can take place in the background, or a visible rebuild can take place with flashing yellow and green lights) - can i check what happened in your case when you replaced the (flashing red?) failed drive?

if it lets you, are you able to copy some files form the drobo onto your computer, and then to try deleting some files to get it to at least 6% free space?