unable to update Drobo v1 firmware to 1.3.7

I have an original Drobo, and I just backed it up to replace the drives with WD 2TB Caviar Green drives. To start from scratch, I updated Dashboard to 1.7.3 (on my Mac).

The current firmware is version 1.3.0.
Whether I let Drobo Dashboard automatically upgrade, or I try to do it manually (to 1.3.7), it fails. Interestingly, I don’t get an error message - just an instant response (as soon as I agree to do the upgrade) that I can either reboot the Drobo or let it do it later.

There is no pause to show it is actually sending the firmware to the Drobo.
Anyway, I tell it to reboot the Drobo, and it turns it off. A small orange light turns on, but the fan does not start and the Drobo does nothing. If I manually unplug the power and then start it up again, it runs just fine. But the firmware is unchanged.

I’ve tried reinstalling the Dashboard, I’ve tried it from several Macs and even under Windows. I’m not sure what else I am missing…

Any ideas? I can’t use it at all with the new drives without updating the firmware.


Not related to your problem but them drives you have are not good… I was going to pick up a few but went with Samsungs instead. And I’v always been hard core WD fan.

Notice the 23% 1 Egg in reviews.


loads of people in the forums run those drives, they are also the drives that DRI used to bundle with drobos, they are cool and quiet

i’m running 15 of them and have actually gotten through about 25 in the last year (the others didn’t die - i ebayed them) and i’ve had no more problems with them than any other drive

A number of us here (myself included) have been running those drives in Drobo without any major issue.

It’s unlikely that the drives are to blame for Andrew’s issue. (Oops, you did say unrelated…)

I’ve had this happen to me before, but I don’t remember how I fixed it - I’m pretty sure the firmware update “took” on the second attempt.

You might want to try an older Drobo Dashboard version, like v1.6.x to see if you get a different behavior.

His drives would have nothing to do with it. But yea like you said he could do an older update. Then if that works try the newer one even.

Please open a support ticket.

I’ve opened a ticket.

I appreciate the ideas - I’ve tried firmware 1.3.6, 1.3.7, and Dashboards 1.5, 1.6.6, 1.6.7, 1.6.8. No luck with any of them.

I’ll post a resolution if I can find one.

Try upgrading the firmware with the disks removed from Drobo … this worked for me … something is locking your disks and preventing exclusive access … removing the disks stops this and allows firmware to update.

Hopefully you already know this, but for the benefit of others…
Be sure to insert/remove disks with Drobo powered down. Otherwise you’ll break your disk pack and lose the data on it.

I appreciate the suggestions - I tried the process with the drives out of the Drobo, but the results weren’t any different (and I gave it several attempts).

Eventually, however, Drobo support sent me a version of the firmware 1.3.7 (not sure what is different about it), and it worked after 2 attempts.

I’m still not sure what the problem was, but sometimes the Dashboard would go from confirmation to completion as soon as I clicked “OK” - meaning it never sent the firmware the device, and other times it would take time and go through the motions but still not succeed (although it said it did.)

Regardless, Drobo support was very helpful, and I can now use my Drobo again. :slight_smile:

hi Drew, its nice to hear that you got it sorted out.

even though youre on a mac and im on windows, it sounds quite similar to my issue (which got fixed too)