Unable to start / update / install apps after firmware update

Hello All,

on my Drobo5n i have installed owncloud and it won’t start anymore after the last firmware update that i made some days ago.
After that i tried to update / install other applications, and i found out that no applications will install / update or start. Some of them (like owncloud and myDrobo apps) are going in timeout (with no clear reason).

The firmware is: 4.1.4-13.40.108863
The dashboard is: 3.4.2 [109477]
owncloud version: 3.4.2 [109477]

After a lot of digging i discovered that owncloud has a dipendency on Locale, and it is Locale that won’t start. After trying to start it manually from terminal i discovered the following: Locale tries to mkdir and symlink a dir in /usr/shares, but nor the mkdir nor the symlink will work because /usr (and i guess the whole system) is in read-only filesystem.

Any idea on how i can solve this problem?

I hope that i was clear enough in my explanation. Thanks to every one who wants to help.