Unable to save files on opened and edited

I am unable to save files back to Drobo once edited. They open fine but freeze any application that I’m using when I try to save them back to the drive. If I first save them to my desktop and then drag them into the drive through the finder on my mac I’m able to save the files. Any ideas?

Same issue here. Each time the file is "Save"d the file system and the active app freeze and become “Not responding”. All of my testing has not resulted in any other solutions. Hopefully tech support might respond?

So here is the deal: When mounting a share/volume via Dashboard, macOS uses the SMB protocol ([https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Message_Block]) and everything works as expected. When mounting a Drobo share using the Finder, macOS uses AFP protocol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_Filing_Protocol is when things go wrong. AFP appears to be the problem child. Engineering has been made aware of this issue and is investigating.
In the meantime, you can force macOS to mount Drobo shares using SMB: Connect to Server (Cmd+K). If you use this Drobo share a lot, then also use System Preferences > Users & Groups > your user account > Login Items to automatically mount that share when logging in Automatically Open Items. Make sure to save your Registered Name & Password in the Keychain Access.
I hope this helps.