Unable to Mount drives under El Capitan (Drobo N)

After upgrading to El Capitan (GM version), I can no longer mount drives through Drobo Dashboard (Or manually) on my Drobo N. The software sees the Drobo but unable to mount any Shares.

hi, this may be a teething issue with el capitan, but i saw some other people suggesting trying to use an ip address, and just wondering if you have a way on mac to browse to a folder via ip address / folder or share to see if you can access it that way?

I have a drobo mini. It seemed to be working fine with 10.11 GM, but doesn’t seem to like the newest public beta, 10.11.1. The drive won’t connect, and drobo dashboard can’t find it. I’ve found via an internet search that apple is doing some fine tuning of the usb and security settings, and that certain external devices are affected by this. FWIW I have an older macbook pro, a late 2011 version, so just have usb 2 connections here.

Edit: I got it working reliably by switching to a thunderbolt cable for connection.

I figured out that I could use Go >> connect to server in finder using AFP. Once I got the volumes mount I added them to the startup in my profile. Bit inconvenient since I have 3 computers but it works for now.

thanks for the infos guys

I have had similar issues with Dashboard and the 5N both in Dashboard 2.6.9 and 2.6.10. I also have a DroboPro FS that works fine through Dashboard. I have been able to mount the 5N shares through Finder.


This is strange…

so far this is my experience with El Capitan (OSX 10.11) with Drobo 5N and Dashboard v2.6.10

  1. First “issue” not a show-stopper. Just a little “eye-sore”.
  • Opening OSX Finder, on the left panel under the Shared section, Drobo 5N will appear as “?” mark icon.
  • Note: This has no impact on the functionality of the Drobo 5N.
  1. Mounting Shares on Drobo 5N.
  • Using OSX Finder:

Method 1 - Click on the “?” Drobo 5N icon, then “Connect As …” login with username and password.
*Mounted and have access to all data in the mounted Shared.
Method 2 - using the Finder Menu … “Go” > “Connect to Server”. Manually mount Drobo 5N as AFP or SMB.
*Mounted all ok… and have access to all data in mounted Shared.

  • Using Dashboard v2.6.10
    *Firstly… for the test. I unmounted (eject) all mounted Shared of the Drobo 5N from the Finder.
    Open Dashboard v2.6.10. Login to the Dashboard as a normal user account (Not Admin).
    Go to “Shares” > and click the checkbox to mount any of the available shares using Dashboard.
    **Shares mounted on OSX desktop and Finder able to see it and access all data. Both Read/write no issue. The Dashboard is login as a user with Read/Write permission to the mounted Shares.

The above is just for sharing my El Capitan experience with Drobo 5N, Dashboard v2.6.10.