Unable to Map 5N

I recently shut down a Drobo 5N through Dashboard so I could plug it into a UPS.

When I booted up the 5N, the IP address had changed so I had to remap the 5N to a drive letter. I have had problems with this in the past when doing it through the dashboard so I have been mapping through windows without any problems until now.

Now when I attempt to map my 5N to drive A I get the following windows error: “Network Error. Windows can not access \\Public. Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise they may be a problem with your network.”.

Attempting to map the drive in Dashboard results in Dashboard saying the drive is "Connected"but nothing shows up in Explorer/Windows.

I am able to ping

Any ideas?

OS: Win7 64 bit
Dashboard: 2.7.1 [78171]
Drobo: 5N (3 6TB WD black), firmware 3.5.6 [8.84.79430]

Try updating to FW v3.5.7.

hi, if you have not yet tried as bytec suggests, then i was wondering if you could actually try to power all down, and to put your drobo back how it was?

eg to try it again as you had it before it was part of the ups.

this is partly as i think you were already on v3.5.6 (but without the mount failed errors that a few others were seeing?), but also to test if it works fine again without the ip change of the ups, then it could pinpoint the cause a bit more.[hr]
(edit, if the computer was always running, then it may also be a case of the host computer remaining up, and caching the connection as a ghost connection or something similar, and maybe by smply keeping the ups attacked but powering all down, waiting a few minutes, and then power up again may resolve it?)