Unable to login to old DroboSpace account

I don’t regularly sped time on these forums unfortunately. Apparently, DroboSpace forums are now the official Drobo forums?

In any case, I’m having some issues trying to log in to the forums using my old DroboSpace account. And it seems pretty silly that I have to resort to creating a new account to post about it since the old one throws me in an endless login loop with no way to recover it.

Anyway, here is the run down: going to www.drobospace.com and clicking login or register on the top of the page directs me to https://myproducts.drobo.com/login with the mention:

No problem, I forgot my password anyway so chose to reset it and received a reset link in my inbox.

All is good, try to log back in and it drops me to this page:

Clicking Community Support drops me back to the forums but I am still not logged in. And there’s the loophole:

I can choose to login or register: logging in sends me back to https://myproducts.drobo.com/login as if I were logged out. However, registering brings me to a registration page with all of my info already filled out but unable to create an account since my email address and username are already taken.

I realize from the screenshot below that “DroboSpace accounts are no longer valid” but do see some familiar users still posting under their original names.

Searching for “DroboSpace” or “account” doesn’t yield any results about users not making the migration in case there was a grace period to make the transition.

I’ve tried clearing cookies but the old account seems to be stuck unable to login. This new one works fine though. It’s not the end of the world if I lost my first account but it would be nice for me to keep track of my previous posts for my personal support.

My account migrated on the forums - and dumped all of my product registrations and past questions. As usual, they’ve got a crack team working on this stuff.

I had the same issue. Placed a support ticket and they had to link my new drobo account with my old forum account. P.I.T.A.

Yes, put in a ticket with your forum ID and your email address and they should get it fixed up for you. I had to do the same.

hi the same happened to me too
(in my case the master database that we got merged with, already had my username, causing conflicts but the team were able to sort it out after for me)

hence my very important test post afterwards too:

All is well, thanks to the Drobo team :slight_smile:

I thought a few weeks would be sufficient for DRI to sort out login problems. My mistake.

Even support was not able to make my old account work again. Unified login/migration fail. :frowning:
A fresh account and and everything seems to be fine now.

i think the mistake was that company profiles (and end user profiles) were set to use a single profile instance… so effectively any usernames that were already taken (internally) stopped working for end user profiles.

i might be wrong, and luckily it got fixed for me and some others as above, but i think something like that happened.

either way its good you have another account… if you want you could add your original profile link into your sig, and that way any posts you make will still show that you had another account with all the posts you made too.

That’s odd. Support should have been able to take care of you. They did for me (after forwarding to the appropriate party).

They also finally got mine merged, but it took many, many more e-mails than it should have.

They’ve sorted out mine to. I just told them I saw many reports of this happening on the forum and that I’m sure it’s SSO-related. They assigned it to the SSO guy and soon I got an update that it should be working now.