Unable to login to DroboAccess local or remote

I’ve been using my new 5n for a few months and just setup myDrobo and Drobo Access.
Everything looks like it installed and configured properly (I even watched the YouTube setup info) and I am able to connect to the login page both from the LAN where the 5n lives and remotely with the registered URL.
From remote or local, the two users I have setup are not able to login, getting a “Wrong username or password.” result.
I am copying and pasting the user names and passwords from my password manager, LastPass, and I’m pretty sure I’m getting it right.
Any advise on how to complete this setup would be much appreciated.
All is current with firmware at 3.5.12 and dashboard software is 2.8.5.
Ken C.

I figured out my own problem…
After continuing in frustration and trying other workstations on the same LAN, I finally decided to restart my 5n using the tools in the dashboard.
After the reboot fully completed I used the same registered URL and was able to login using the same credentials that failed minutes before.
Looks like all it needed was a restart.
I hope this helps other DroboAccess users avoid some frustration!
Ken C.

hi ken,
am not sure if you had just set things up with the 2 users, though there have been a few posts from others that if several changes are made in one go, it might need a reboot to commit. that might be what happened to you too - its good that you were able to get things working again though, and thanks for taking time to post back too.

I have this same problem, but I can’t figure out what’s causing the issue! When I first configured Drobo Access I disabled all but the Admin account as it showed the password strength as “Excellent”. However, I couldn’t log in due to “Wrong username or password”. I then re-enabled one of the other accounts and it logged in just fine, but I wanted a more secure password. After changing the password through the Drobo dashboard, I could no longer log in on that account with either password. I then created a new account specifically for using MyDrobo and it showed up on Drobo Access just fine, but I could not log in. I then rebooted everything (twice) and now I cannot log into MyDrobo with any account whatsoever.

hi steve, can you remember if you had tried any updates before changing any of the accounts and before any reboots?

(and if you can post back with the firmware you are using currently, and also what you were using before if applicable, when you get a moment that could be handy?)

am not sure if you are still in support, though if you are it would probably be good to also raise a ticket for the support team in case they can spot what happened too?

Firmware is 3.5.12 [8.96.86249]. I’m sure I updated it within the last few weeks, but I have never tried any of the drobo apps until yesterday because they always failed to install. I worked on that issue for several weeks before giving up. (This was a couple of years ago.) Yesterday I decided to give it another go and several things started working after a bit of troubleshooting, and most of those apps are still running great. But I nothing I do can get me into Drobo Access.

thanks for the info steve,
that firmware seem to be the latest version as far as i can tell…

are there any other tools or programs running or connected, that might possibly be filtering or blocking access to drobo access? (for example, does your 5n go through another router, that you can also log into, just to see if there are any connections or ports showing up in a logfile that are being blocked?)

there is also a newer version of dashboard (v3) available here, that might help:
(though there have been a few reports about upgrading dashboard to version 3 not showing the drobo properly anymore, although most have reported being able to get things working fine again after rebooting) for example as mentioned here:
btw steve there may be another update to dashboard soon, as mentioned here: