Unable to copy to drobo in win 7 explorer

Got a new pc and hooked up my first gen drobo/share.i can copy from drobo on to hard drive.when i try to add stuff to the drobo it states “copy to” on the hover but nothing happens.

First time running 64 bit win 7.worked fine with 32 bit 7.

How is your Drobo connected?

eSATA and USB 2.0 are fine. Firewire and USB3 have serious show-stopping issues in Win7.

FW800 works on my Win 7 x64 machine, but I have the UniBrain Firewire driver installed.

hmmmm that doesnt sound too promising…

i was thinking of hooking up the drobo v1 (and/or v2) to a windows 7 laptop via usb…
now i have to try and find out which version of usb the laptop is using and if it still has any basic usb2 ports

usb 2

another difference…the drobo used to come up as a drive under the computer as well as the network.now only network.[hr]
these come up as a computer drive now. can move most files around in the drobo.