unable to copy file to drobo

Hi I tink i messed up something now that every time I’m trying to copy something to Drobo (with DroboShare) I get

“The operation can’t be completed because an item with the name “blah.blah” already exists.”

This started to happen when I plugged the Drobo directly to computer via USB because I could not wait for 36 hours to copy my iTune library from DroboShare to my Time Capsule.

Now that copying’s done, I put drobo back to Droboshare, and the problem started to happen.

I vaguely remember Drobo’s formatted differently when it’s plugged directly into computer versus on the Droboshare, im not sure if it’s the issue. However the second partition of my Drobo (i have 2.33TB) doesn’t have this problem oddly enough.

Any input’s much appreciated, thank you!

I would recommend directly connecting the Drobo to your computer and running repair disk from disk utility.