Unable to connect to my Drobo

I own a Drobo B800FS. Since last week suddenly I started facing this problem. I was backing up my data into Drobo. It started giving error messages. I stopped the work and observed all drive indicators were glowing RED. Next day onwards I could not connect to Drobo, neither by mapping nor by DashBoard. But I could able to ping the IP. I tried connecting to Drobo using assigned IP too, but failed. Then I powered it OFF for last 2 days. Today when I switched it ON I am encountering the same problem.

Can some one help me, please.

hi barani can you see in dashboard if you get a chance, how much used and free space it is showing (in TB and in % please?)

is it possible that the drobo was giving low space messages? (am just wondering if maybe the data backup was larger than the amount of space available, but if it gave you different messages can you remember what they were?)

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply.

As I said early I could not connect to my Drobo even from my Dashboard, to see space used up or available. The only thing I could able to do ping the ip assigned to the device. Beyond nothing is working.

I don’t remember exact error message but it is like the one which we get when the network share is not available.

thanks for the info,
does the main drobo unit show any blue led capacity lights? if so, how many does it show?

what you could try, could be to try shutting down all computers,
and then waiting 5minutes,
and then unplugging the connection cable from the drobo
and then powering it down, and removing the power cable
and then to remove all drives (remembering the order of your diskpack drives for later)
and then to power it up empty,
(does it boot up and then go into standby mode?)
to then power up your computer and dashboard,
and then to connect the drobo to the computer
(does it wake up shortly after, and become recognised by dashboard?)

if yes, please to NOT put any drives inside. (all disk pack drives should only be remove or put in when power is all off and unplugged)

to then use dashboard to shutdown the drobo
and to unplug all power and connection cables from your drobo,
and then with power still all OFF and unplugged to put your diskpack drives back into where they were,
and then to power up just the unconnected drobo,
(does it boot up with blue lights from 1 through to 10? if it seems to hang before reaching 10, where abouts is this, and please leave it for at least an hour to see if it completes, but try to keep an eye on it in case you notice any reboot loops)

when it reaches 10, does it then show a particular blue light being reached? and does it go back into standby mode (since its not connected to a computer?)

if it goes into standby mode (and also even if you wait for a long time and it does not), then to try connecting the drobo to the computer again, to see if it wakes up again, and/or is now found again by computer and dashboard?

another idea could be to try putting the drobo into a readonly mode as mentioned here to see if things stabalise a bit:
(but if the drobo was only accessible in dashboard when empty, then you might need to repeat the steps earlier about removing your diskpack before putting it into read only mode, and then only putting your disk pack back in when power is all OFF and unplugged)

if you are in support, its probably worth raising a ticket for the support team, though you could also try raising a paid incident if feasible even if out of warranty etc, as the support team may be able to better ascertain what the problem is or possible ways forard too.[hr]
by the way, it may not be a networking issue, since the drobo was showing you glowing red lights (did you mean all showing a solid red light each, or actually flashing/blinking red?), but might be worth double checking here too, as well as any firewall products or network names, just in case something there has also been causing problems too, and another network cable to test as well:

Hi Paul,

I am extremely sorry. I was away and could not reply early.

I had shut down the Drobo, unplugged all cables including power cable, removed all drives and left it in that state for 2 days.
Then connected power and ethernet cable, powered it on. Even then dashboard could not detect the device. But I could able to ping the device.

There are no blue led capacity lights glowing. But during booting they glow and than off.

The Drobo can be accessed by dashboard only, which I couldn’t do now.

Yes, I am in touch with the support team also and they are still to provide me a solution.

Also yes, I understand it is not the issue of networking as I can ping the device with it’s IP and not NAME. All red lights glow solid. There is no firewall in between.

ah thats ok barani thanks for the info,
lets see how things go following on from support, and they may ask you (when possible) for some diagnostics logs too, though please only do that when asked, in case it causes more problems if not done at the proper time.

i am not sure if you can remrember back at the time, when it first had the problem, how much free space you had (or were trying to copy) though any other info you have, or have mentioned here, might be worth also mentioning on the ticket, or to add a link on the ticket to this page, just to that the support team can have access to all possible info as could be useful