unable to connect to Drobo 5n

I recently got one of these Drobo5n’s. After a long power outage in the recent storm, the drobo went down hard after staying up on UPS power. I am no longer able to connect to it. It grabs and IP and I can ping it, but I can’t mount it or connect to it via the dashboard. I ran an NMAP scan on the drobo and all ports are showing as closed??? which probably explains why I can’t connect to it anymore. I reset everything to factory defaults with a paper clip and I still cannot connect to the 5n. Any ideas?

hi wtbarber,
as i was reading your post, i started to think about whether you had a surge protector in place, just in case there was a power spike that did some damage - but then i saw that you can still ping it, which means it must still be working in some way?

if you get a moment, could you try these steps to see?

  • to power all off (computers/drobo etc)
  • to remove power and network cables from drobo
  • to remove all drives from drobo (remembering their ordering)
  • to power up the empty drobo on its own
    (does it boot up and then go into standby mode?)

if so:

  • to power up the computer
  • and once that it up and running (including dashboard/service), to plug in the network cable to drobo which is going ideally directly to the computer (and not via any other hubs or switches if possible)
    (does the drobo now wake up and get detected by dashboard?)

if yes (or even if not) : please power all down again and remove the drobo psu and network cables, and then to put all drives back in while power is still all OFF.

then if you power up the drobo does it boot up as usual with blue led sequence (and then go into standby mode)?

  • if so, can you power up the computer again as before, and then once up and running, to plut the network cable back into the drobo (trying different cable just in case)
    (does the computer and dashboard now see the drobo?)

btw which computer and version of dashboard are you using?