Unable to access 5N after installing 3.5.2 on M1 Mac with Big Sur

After installing Dashboard 3.5.2 on M1 MacBook Pro, can no longer access Drobo 5N. 5N was previously accessible by both Macs and Windows computers till installing 3.5.2 on M1 w/BigSur. Migrated “Disk Pack” to a new out-of-the-box 5N (w/updated firmware), with same issue. No access by any computer - Catalina (Intel) w/3.5.2 or Big Sur (M1) w/3.5.2, Windows 10 w/3.5.0.

Need to retrieve critical data from unit. Any solutions or suggestions?

Good luck. The company doesn’t seem to be monitoring any of these boards. I posted about a problem after installing Big Sur and not being able to attach to my 5N2 back in December - and no responses at all yet. I can still access it on the one Mac I have still on the old system. I had read it was all compatible - which evidently it isn’t. I am, however, able to connect to a 5D from a Mac on Big Sur. I think I will have to buy a new NAS from a different company. This one seems like it is going out of business (never any stock and no employees to be heard on the boards).

Contact support, to get the M1 silicon working you’ll need beta software they’re working on but haven’t a public download link for.