Two Hard Drives go Bad on Same Day

My Gen 2 Drobos have been humming along for a year until yesterday when each had a hard drive go bad. Coincidence or ?

With the first Drobo I decided to check the health of some older hard drives so I removed the four disk pack and tested the older hard drives. When I re-inserted the four disk packs a red light came on indicating a bad drive.

With the second Drobo I turned it off and moved it to a different computer. When I turned it on a red light come on indicating a bad drive.

Wondering if this is a coincidence of if my removing the drives in one and moving the drobo in the other had an effect on the hard drives.

Any thoughts?

Red blinking?

I don’t remember. I checked the status and it showed only three drives as it went into protective mode, I believe. In both cases I tried to re-insert the original drives. In one drobo, the empty bay has been unable to read any other drive. In the other drobo, a new drive was detected. These drobos are about three years.

Hmm, in that case yes, it should have been red blinking as the Drobo had kicked the drive out of the array.

Remember that once marked as bad, the drive will not be accepted in the same Drobo without specific efforts.