two drobo FSs - how to make a duplicate drobo fs

hello, all.

I have two FSs. I keep one at home on a wireless router. I have the other at work behind a secure firewall. the FS at home is the one that is most current. I am trying to figure out the best way to have my FS at work have the same data as the one at home. I have an external drive I can use to bring things from my home FS to my work FS, but I’m not sure how I can put things on my external drive that are ‘new’ on the home FS. To clarify, lets say my home FS and my work FS have the exact same data on them at some date, D. At some new date, D+d, I want to get the new data from my home FS - the data that has been put on it since date D - and port that to my other FS at work so it will again, have the same data on it as the FS at home. Is there some application that I could use that would accomplish this? I can just see myself getting mixed up about what was backed-up last time and accidentally not catching something that should have been backed-up.

I would be most grateful for any insight you could give me.


You can use rsync.

I have a setup pretty much like that, but instead of two drobos I have an FS and a Linkstation Live running Debian 6.0. The Linkstation is sitting at my desk at work, and pulls data from the FS via rsync.

It is terribly slow, since my uplink at home is only 500 kbps, but it works.

Take a look at:


hi, if you can get access to a windows computer, which is able to see both of those drobo’s at the same time, then you should be able to achieve what you want via synchback (or synchback pro)

i bought the pro version for about £30 (even though i probably dont use anywhere near all it’s features, and i use it to synch my drobo v1 onto my drobo v2.

i posted a thread here with more info and it can do via web synching too:

Thanks, all! I will give these things a try. Can you tell me if it makes a difference that I have all macs? Oh, and do I need to reformat both drobos to FAT32? Thanks.[hr]
Ugh! Well, I’m not sure if any of these are tractable by me. I downloaded rsync. There didn’t appear to be any documentation at all. I can’t really make out what it does. How can Rsync work from one drobo FS on my home wireless network to sync with my work FS that is behind a firewall?

How does oxygencloud differ from mobileme? dropbox? Lets say that I have TB of data on one FS that I want to duplicate on another FS. I can’t obviously purchase TB of space on a cloud. That would be too expensive.

I’m feeling frustrated. I really didn’t want to have to become some sort of IT expert just to backup my FS.


Okay, why didn’t anyone mention Drobo Sync? I have two FSs. I make one my primary. I set the other up as the secondary. I put them both on one network - the one at home and use Drobo Sync to make the secondary the duplicate of the primary. I then pack up the secondary and bring it to work and put it on a nice shelf until I do this again a month later.

What about this solution?[hr]

Oh… Oops. That is DroboPro not FS. This sucks.

rsync is the way to go… still haven’t found a way to make it work though. can’t scp since the dropbear ssh bin isn’t built to allow it. fun times working like this i tell ya.

seems like we’re donating our money since we aren’t getting support.

hi guys, these forums have lots of good info, and have helped me heaps but please also note that if you have a support account, and cant yet find the info you need here, you dont lose anything by raising an actual ticket with the DRI guys too… i think they pay more attention to those tickets

having said that theres still lots of good info here too :slight_smile:
hope you can find what you need (expecially for a mac)[hr]
btw what about the Yoiks app? could that help?

I have compiled OpenSSH for the FS with support for SCP and SFTP. You can find it here.

I’m also confused about rsync. I want to use rsync to sync two drobo FS’s on a VPN network or just on the same home network to start with. I’d love to see a step by step guide. Drobo is really easy to use, but the droboapps all seem chinese to me at this moment. And Datarobotics doesn’t provide support for drobo apps… Hmm…

hi mbargo, just a thought. if your main setup is on a windows platform, have you looked at synchbak/synchback pro?
as far i use it myself, and as far as i know, it supported networked locations too.

(always check things out before starting to use it, just in case you select the wrong source destination etc but if rsynch is confusing, maybe the other gui tool can help?) its free for certain features and quite cheap for peace of mind for the pro one

Hi Paul, I know syncback, and was using it in my previous setup: I had a pc full of disks which served the production mac (I’m a photographer). On the pc, syncback arranged the online and offline backups etc. But now with two drobo’s, I’d love to cut out the pc and just use rsync. But I’ll have to learn Chinese? :slight_smile:

cool that you used it :slight_smile:
have you checked the forums there for a mac version of synchback?
btw if you are a photographer, heres some handy links you might like:
check out photomesa a free program (its Very cool, and the GUI is simply left and right clicks, click drags, and double left/right clicks for really smooth zooming of all photos and subfolders in a given folder. quite cool and is even an annotation database and thumbnailer tool all in one - and FREE :slight_smile: