Two 5n2s Showing New Drive As SSD, But They Aren't

I have a 6 month old and a 2 week old Drobo 5n2 with 5 6TB WD Red drives installed. I just added 2 new WD Red Drives (Model: WD60EFAX-68S) and for some reason the 5n2s are showing a little tag next to the new drives in the Dashboard that says SSD on it. These drives are not SSDs. All the other drives in the units (Model: WD60EFRX-68M or L) are not showing as SSD.
What is the reason for this SSD tag?

Any update on this? I am facing the same issue. Do you think it’s because the 2 new WD Red drives that you added are 256 MB cache while the older drives might be 64 MB cache?

Me too - I got the same drive, same SSD tag, same confusion…

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Do you also have an mSata in the acceleration bay?

Yes 250GB mSATA SSD, and I have a 5N, not a 5N2.

Received a response from Drobo support yesterday after sending them screenshots, logs and what not:
"Our engineering team is aware of the issue and we are working to resolve, the Drobo will continue to work fine.

When the update is available you will be notified through the Drobo Dashboard and prompted to update."