TUTORIAL: Configure a DroboPro in a CentOS 5.4 with iSCSI connection

I have published a post to configure a DroboPro in a CentOS 5.4 with iSCSI connection in:


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Some people have had issues with ext3 volumes >2TB. How is the 16TB volume working out for you?

Hi ajspencer!

The key factor to obtain a ext3 partition larger than 2TB is create the GPT disklabel (step 3 in the filesystem configuration section), therefore your linux distribution must include GPT support in kernel.


actually thats not quite what he meant…

a recent drobo (non-pro) firmware update causes it to refuse to boot (as in drobo woudlnt complete its internal startup) with a previously working 16TB volume, and AFAIK that particular forum member has still “lost” everything which was on drobo (in theory its there and intact but no way to get at it)

look for some of hacker’s posts

The DroboPro has 1.3.1 firmware installed, I have been transferring data the last three days (1.5 T) and it does not report any problem until now.

Two days ago it got a power loss, and the system shutdown abruptly, when the system restart the DroboPro was mount without errors.


Are you sure? I thought the newest firmware fir pro was 1.1.4

1.3.1 is for non pro?

If that is what you are running then be VERY careful… hacker was working perfectly on 1.3.1 (like you) and when he upgraded to 1.3.5 it locked him out of his data, and DRIs only response has been that ext. Is only supported up to 2TB

Sorry Docchris, you are right, my DroboPro has the 1.1.4 firmware. I was confuse with the an other Drobo USB.

Although, I am going to configure other DroboPro the next week, then I could confirm the install method.

Thanks for your warning!


Yeah, if its working then fine for now, but if you ever upgrade them firmware make sure you have a backup of everything on it first!

Important annotation Docchris!

Thanks for your kind help!

DroboPro: up to 8TB (requires firmware version 1.1.4 or later)


I would be very careful with a volume size of 16TB on ext3.

Hi Jennifer!

What filesystem do you recommend to use the full 16 TB of DroboPro in Linux?

Could you recommend me a related post?



16TB is not supported in Linux/ext3.

i think he meant that he has 16Tb in his drobo - how should he configure it?

i.e. i think you just said that 8TB is supported - so he could make two 8Tb partitions without issue?

Yes 8TB on a pro on firmware 1.1.4.

Again, here is the link to the KB


Hi Docchris,

I have a 16 TB partition, but if the community recommend be carefully with this kind of partition, I prefer ask for hints. If you have the opportunity to follow the tutorial that I have published, you can verify the information.



What I have read previously in discussion groups (not just this forum) is that people had trouble with ext3 volumes >2TB.

With the Drobo Gen 2 there are plenty of posts from user Hacker in this forum where using >2TB ext3 was not recognized after a firmware update.

In the link above I have read that users have found that with >2TB ext3 after filling the Drobo a lot (say around 50% of the actual disk space filled) then when deleting files the space was not freed up - so the thin provisioning was not releasing space properly.
(Both these issues are unrelated to the 2TB limit that is present in older linux kernels).

I see from Jennifer’s link in an earlier post that with DroboPro firmware 1.1.4 ext3 now works with 8TB ext3 volumes (beta only). Thats a nice increase from the 2TB - glad to see ext3 support is improving!

If you feel like doing some extensive testing on your 16TB volume I would be very interested to hear how it goes - as the new firmware probably behaves differently. Else just stick with Data Robotics recommended sizes.[hr]
Also there is no problem with having multiple Volumes on your DroboPro as long as each volume is under the recommended sizes (now 8TB ext3).

So you could just have 2 x 8TB volumes if you have more than 8TB worth of hard disks in there.