Turning off Drobo & Failed Drive(s)

I know this seems pretty basic and yes I have read the manual. However, I run a media/recording studio and use the Drobo S and 5D to back up to. I’ve had the 5D for about a year and the 5 3TB drives for the same amount of time, all are Seagate Barracuda drives. Recently I have had three of the drives go bad, luckily not at the same time but within a week of each other.

My question is in two parts:

  1. I have a central power distribution box (Monster) and after shutting down the mixing console and computer I shut everything down via the Monster Power box. Would this cause a problem with the Drobos which are connect to my computer (Mac Pro).

  2. How long can or should you keep a failed drive in the Drobo before replacing? Or should I just take it out until the replacement drive arrives??

Thanks for help in advance.

In regards to your question:

  1. I think it is always better to rely on the Drobo Dashboard to shutdown the unit or use the toggle switch behind. Any abrupt shutdown by other means may cause some measure of file system corruption to occur…

  2. As soon as possible. I think you could remove the drive, you would want to calculate the available space after removing the drive. If after removing the drive, the usage is less than 80%, I say go ahead and remove it first while waiting for the replacement drive to arrive.

You could probably use the Drobo calculator for this.