Turn Drobo on/Drobo bag


Two thing I hope to see:


I love that is possible to turn off your Drobo(s) in Drobo Dashboard.

Don’t know how difficult it is, but it would be great to have the option to also turn on the Drobo(s).

My 5Dt sits in my desk, and it’s a bit fiddly to reach the power button.


A Drobo bag.

I’ve two Drobos. A 5Dt at home in my desk and a cloned 5C at another location for backup.

Three, four, times month I pick-up my 5C and use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone from my 5Dt.

The bag you get when you buy a Drobo is ok, but a bit cumbersome.
You have to turn the Drobo upside down to get in the bag the right way.

So a bag that was easier to get the Drobo in and out of, with good padding and a pocket for the cables would be great, I would buy one!

If not Drobo make one, a photo bag company should look into it.

Any chance for this to happen?

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hi hufs, these are good ideas…
there is a mini carrying case, so maybe something could happen in the future for the larger models too:

i think the part about being able to auto switch on, is a bit tricky, at least on usb, due to the way that usb works. There was something in the past about needing to physically remove or replug in a cable (though there was rumour of a special cable that could itself, break and remake a connection, (in the middle) but am not sure how that would work with the power toggle switch.


Yeah, I like the carrying case for the mini. Something similar for the grown up Drobo would be nice.

A feature to turn on your Drobo with Drobo Dashboard might be difficult, but maybe not impossible?


ah yes maybe the newer connection protocols will allow for more options in future.

one thing to bear in mind for the case though, is that maybe (practically speaking) the mini was small enough to move around from place to place, and while it’s feasible that someone might need to move any other (larger) drobo around, there might not be as large of a market for it… with that in mind, maybe they could make one, but unless a lot of units are sold, the cost per bag, might be a bit higher than it otherwise could be…then again, maybe they could team up with a generic supplier or manufacturer of carrycases, plus some official branding, and voila :slight_smile: