Turn Drobo off during rebuild

I have an original USB Drobo, and this evening, a drive died on me and it’s in the middle of a rebuild that’s estimated to take 59 hours. I’m leaving town Monday morning for a week and don’t really want to leave my Drobo on if I don’t have to, since it’s a waste of electricity, and with out the air conditioning on, it’s going to get hot and I’m worried about the Drobo overheating. Is there any way to power down the Drobo in the middle of a rebuild and have it pick up when I plug it back in again? Thanks.

I’ve just tried on one of our drobo v2 units and once the rebuild is in progress, I was still able to put the unit in Standby and after a few seconds, the unit did enter Standby mode & stayed inactive until I pulled & inserted the power again.
Indeed, I’m using the 2nd Gen drobo and we only have test data on those 3-drive drive pak. So, if you have important stuffs sitting on ur drobo, do back them up 1st. Take no risk!

According to the Drobo knowledge base, you should not unplug the power of your drobo before the rebuild is finished. But you can shutdown the host. Look at: