Trying to Restore a Time Machine Backup from a 5N

Hello Everyone,

I have a question regarding restoring a MacBook Pro (late 2013, OSX 10.10.2) from a Drobo 5n.

I submitted the following question to tech support only to find out that I am out of my 90 days and that they cant help me. They recommended I ask here so I’m hoping someone has attempted the same thing I am trying to do.

Here is my originally submitted question:


I was attempting to restore my MacBook Pro from a Time Machine backup that is on my Drobo 5n. I was able to perform a backup this morning but not able to perform the restore.
I followed your guide at:
and I was not able to mount the Drobo so that I could see the time machine backups.
I have attached a text file of what I did in terminal so that you can review.
Please help!

I sent them a text output file from what I was told to enter on terminal. Here is what the file contained:
-bash-3.2# cd /Volumes
-bash-3.2# mkdir TimeMachine2
-bash-3.2# cd TimeMachine2
-bash-3.2# pwd
-bash-3.2# mount -t afp afp://Admin:Password@
usage: mount [-dfruvw] [-o options] [-t external_type] special node
mount [-adfruvw] [-t external_type]
mount [-dfruvw] special | node
-bash-3.2# ls -la
total 0
drwxr-xr-x 2 root admin 68 Feb 12 10:58 .
drwxrwxrwt 6 root admin 272 Feb 12 10:58 …
-bash-3.2# hdid /Volumes/TimeMachine2/drw
hdiutil: attach failed - No such file or directory

Any help would be extremely appreciated.

It looks like the information you are using to restore from your Time Machine backup is outdated. The article you link to is referring to the Drobo FS.

Since you have 10.10.2 (Yosemite) and a 5N, please look at this article from Apple to restore from your Time Machine. Hope this works out for you!