Trying to install Plex on drobo FS

I have a drobo FS networked to a Windows PC (and smart TV, streaming amplifier).
I would like to run Plex but can’t make it work. I’ve been reading through support files but haven’t succeeded.

I’ve downloaded Plex for drobo from plex.tv, moved the file to the drobo apps share, and restarted the drobo. Seems OK - lots of files present.
Then started the web app at plex.tv/web but it doesn’t find find the server. I suspect it’s because the server isn’t running - but how do I start it? I’ve tried connecting via IP address (as per support articles) but all I get is “… refused to connect”.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, did you ever get an answer on this? I am trying to do the same thing.

hi caesar99, (and mbfs if still having issues),

there are a couple of posts here that might have some useful info (either for alternatives or for minidlna) that might help:

(ricardo made a port app for it so might be best to also post a message on one of those threads too, to trigger an email notification in case this one is missed)