Trying to install Lighttpd Web Server .... DroboApps has been a bust so far....

Is there an instruction sheet for installing Lighttpd Web Server on droboshare. I guess this is what you can expect from shareware…

This is the second application I’ve tried to load – first being FUPPES DLNA server… Waste of time…

Drobo has to get on board with these applications developers…

Have you enabled droboapps on the droboshare setup from the dashboard?

Same problem “how to install Lighttpd on your DroboShare” ?

Coonweb and others,

I don’t use lighttpd, the following are just suggestions from my experiences with other applications as I have experience with Linux and Open source applications such as this, however, the following should at least should at least get you started. Again… I’m assuming a lot. The installation of Lighttpd unfortunately from the little research I’ve done assumes that you have an understanding of quite a bit of knowledge, it’s not a simple point and click operation and will involve SSH’ing into your droboshare and editing configuration files.

First, make sure you’ve enabled droboapps from the drobodashboard.

Second, Point your web browser to the ip or name of your drobo and append port 8080, for example, This will bring up the DroboApps admin utility.

Third, on the left side, click the “Install DroboApps” button and go to Lighttpd and click “Install now”

So now you should have Lighttpd installed on DroboShare, but now what?

Fourth, SSH into your Droboshare

Here’s where we have to SSH into your droboshare. Do do this, make sure you have installed DropbearSSH via the DroboApps Admin utility, this will allow you to SSH into droboshare… You’ll have to do all of the configuration via command line, just FYI (again, I’m assuming this as i don’t use Lighttpd)

If on windows, Download your choice of an SSH client: Here’s one:

You need to know the IP address of your droboshare.

Default login,

Host=the ip address of your droboshare

So use that for your program, for me since I’m on linux it’s just a matter of me opening the terminal and typing

ssh root@ and typing my password, but the application might work differently,

Fifth, cd (which means to “Change Directory”) into the apps folder… my example is as follows

cd ConnectedDrobos/charlize/DroboApps/

(*Where “charlize” is changed to the name of your particular droboshare share name). This will put you in the folder that contains all of the applications installed on your Droboshare.

Type ls and hit enter this will give you the list of all of the application folders, I’m assuming the lighttpd folder is named accordingly, in which case the above command should be changed to cd ConnectedDrobos/charlize/DroboApps/lighttpd

Sixth, Edit the configuration file/files (lighttpd.conf more than likely)

Documentation here:

Once you know the proper file you’re editing you’d use the text editor VI to edit the file, this text editor is already on the droboshare.

If you’re already in the lighttpd directory, it would be something like:

vi lighttpd.conf *where name of file is changed to the actual name of the file.
Hope this at least gets you started, again I don’t use it, so i can’t say for certain. Maybe if i have time i can try setting it up.


Installing apps on DroboShare is definitely not for the console-impaired…

As they’re *nix apps, just because they don’t seem to be doing anything doesn’t mean they aren’t running or didn’t install. Most times they simply aren’t configured properly.