Trouble setting up Proftpd


I have a brand new DroboFS unit I’m setting up to store all our media. I’m having real trouble setting up Proftpd on the unit though.

I have it installed, along with php, lighttpd, dropbear and apache. When I click configure in the DroboApps Admin page (which links to I just get a blank page. I can’t view the source because it’s 0 bytes.

The output from the /var/log/proftpd.log is:

- warning: handling possibly truncated configuration data at line 49 of '/mnt/DroboFS/Shares/DroboApps/proftpd/etc/proftpd.conf' Aug 17 05:05:46 drobo-fs proftpd[441] localhost: ProFTPD 1.3.3d (maint) (built Thu Mar 24 2011 22:09:40 CET) standalone mode STARTUP

Everything is otherwise standard, no change to the name (it’s ‘drobo-fs’) but have added a static IP to the network configuration.

Thanks in advance.

How have you installed it? From the install link on this page?

If so, you have to remove the DroboApp from your Drobo and reinstall it “manually”, that is, copy the .TGZ file (this one: to the DroboApps share and restart your Drobo.

Hi Ricardo,

Initially I tried the link, but it didn’t work (safari just sat there spinning). I installed it manually using the method you described in the end.

I have the feeling that somehow the installation was aborted midway. Are you sure the TGZ you downloaded is not corrupted in some way, i.e., an incomplete download?

My suggestion is to remove proftpd and reinstall it from scratch (and download a fresh copy from DroboPorts).

Hmm, I’ve done that already, but will give it another go and see what happens.

Hi Ricardo,

I reinstalled lighttpd, php and proftpd and it works!

My question now is how do I setup a new ftp user that has full access to a particular share?

Nice to hear! :slight_smile:

You’ll probably have to edit the following files:


But the specific information depends on what you want to do. I suggest reading this forum post to have an idea of what to do:

Reinstalling the 3 packages (in a single Drobo reboot) results in a correct opening of the proftpd configuration php page in Drobo Admin utility.

I have been able to set the pw for ftpuser … but my ftp client is not able to connect to the Drobo.
I use Fetch (on Mac OS).
[]Hostname = (IP of DroboFS)
]Username = ftpuser
[]Connect using: FTP
On Connect I get the following error message: “An FTP connection to could not be opened because the connection was refused.”

Q: how to connect?


What do the log files say?

Which log file?

Unlike CharleyB I have not been able to locate the proftpd.log file in de /var/log/ location.

In my case ls shows the following files in the /var/log location


Hmm, no server log usually means the client is doing something wrong. Can you configure your client to output something more meaningful than that error message? Another option is to use Cyberduck, which I have used extensively with ProFTPd on the FS.

Edit: I’m editing this because it seems that the forum did not register the post correctly.

Well, this is funny. The previous post got me autobanned, and although it did apparently get submitted, it does not show on the forum list…

Installed Cyberduck.
Connect as: ftp://ftpuser@ on port 21.
Getting an IO dialog: "Enter your name and password for the server
Connect as registered user.
Name = ftpuser
Password = pw set via Drobo Admin CP.
I get an error message: “There was a problem connecting to the server”, “This file server will not allow any additional users to the log on. Try to connect again later.”


Wait a minute, how come you are connecting to and getting an error message about server ?

Also, what is “Drobo Admin CP”? I would recommend that you stick to the default password until you can actually connect, and only then change it to something else.

By the way, does anonymous access work?

Oups, typo. error message is 34 iso 23.

Proftpd comes with a simple configuration page. When connection to the Drobo on port 8080 you can navigate to droboadmin. On page configure droboapps I can click on the configure link behind proftpd. Here I can set the pw for ftpuser and enable anonymous.
For testing I have set pw to “test” and have enabled anonymous.

Both ftp logins fail. Using Cyberduck of Fetch. Message is the same. not allowing additional users.


I was just re-reading the DroboPorts page, and just to make sure: have you read the comment at the bottom? Let me quote it here:

In other words, are you sure that ProFTPd even started at all? Does your /etc/hosts file contain the FS’s name?

It works! Thanks.

In an earlier post I told you I could not locate the var/log/proftpd.log.
I was looking in the wrong place.
I used ssh to the Drobo and navigated to the var/log directory.

Re-reading your post I went to the DroboApps/proftpd directory via the Finder. The log file displayed the following message:

[quote] - warning: handling possibly truncated configuration data at line 49 of ‘/mnt/DroboFS/Shares/DroboApps/proftpd/etc/proftpd.conf’

  • warning: unable to determine IP address of ‘Drobo-FS’
  • error: no valid servers configured
  • Fatal: error processing configuration file ‘/mnt/DroboFS/Shares/DroboApps/proftpd/etc/proftpd.conf’[/quote]

With ssh I adjusted the etc/hosts file and rebooted the Drobo.

Revisiting the log file shows me the following text:

[quote] - warning: handling possibly truncated configuration data at line 49 of ‘/mnt/DroboFS/Shares/DroboApps/proftpd/etc/proftpd.conf’
Feb 29 11:07:49 Drobo-FS proftpd[490] localhost: ProFTPD 1.3.3d (maint) (built Thu Mar 24 2011 22:09:40 CET) standalone mode STARTUP[/quote]

FTP access via Fetch and Cyberduck work.



Thanks for all of the great information here.

Is there a good way to go about the install to avoid having to make these changes via SSH? I’ve now attempted to complete this setup on 3 different Drobo setups and it’s happened in all three. On one of them, I actually had it working and then after a restart it went down. I’m pretty sure I can figure out editing the file via SSH, but it certainly not ideal. I’d love to know how to avoid this in the future.

Thank you.

Sorry, not at this point in time.

On another note, does the default configuration include FTP w/ tsl/ssl or will secure ftp need to be configured additionally?

Thank you.