Trouble setting up a Time Machine sparsebundle

Hi, I got a 5D yesterday and am running into an issue when setting up Time Machine. I’ve followed the instructions here three times, but for some reason the name of the sparsebundle is not being updated after the initial backup finishes and the Backups.backupdb remains on the Drobo rather than the sparsebundle.

Any idea where I have gone wrong?

Does anyone have any ideas of things that I could try to get this working?

I’ve tried to set this up multiple times as per the instructions with no luck.

Using Drobo 5D, latest firmware and dashboard software, running OS X 10.9.3.


Have you verified that Time Machine works on the 5D without manually creating a sparsebundle?

I assume you are using the sparsebundle approach to control TM size?

In my experience with Time Machine, sparsebundles are very brittle. If I was using the same Drobo for production and TM, I would create a volume in dashboard vs using a sparsebundle.

Thanks for your response.

I didn’t realize that setting up multiple volumes was an alternative to using the sparsebundle - I was just following the instructions provided by Drobo. As I originally set it up with one 16TB volume when I first got it, I didn’t realize creating multiple volumes was an option.

Anyway, now I’ve reformatted it into two 4GB volumes (w/ dual drive redundancy) so will have TM on one and use the other for additional storage.

Thanks again for your help.

Make sure the Name of the inner disk image is “Time Machine Backups” not “TimeMachineBackup”.