Trouble Adding New PC to My FS

I’m “moving into” a new laptop — Win 7 64 bit, a real screamer.

I have successfully installed the Drobo Dashboard and it immediately “saw” the FS.

But, the computer’s file system does NOT see the FS. It does not appear in the “Network” when when I browse in Windows Explorer or try a “Save As”.

It’s been so long since I made any changes to the network I’m sure it’s something basic that I’ve left out.


Are the shares mounted (aka checked via the Dashboard/Shares?)

Thank you for replying!

First, I have to report that somewhere during my re-booting both the new laptop and Drobo-FS un- and re-installing the Dashboard the various folders on the Drobo are now viewable and accessible from the laptop. So, all seems okay.

But, I would appreciate it if you could explain about “mounting (sic) the shares”. I am always much more comfortable when I understand [undefined=undefined]HOW[/undefined] something works …not just that it [undefined=undefined]IS[/undefined] working.

Thanks again! Jim

If you launch the Dashboard, go to Shares. See if all the boxes beside your created Shares are ticked. If they are not, go ahead and tick it and the Share folder will auto mount every time you reboot your Computer :slight_smile: