trouble adding 2nd drobo 5N to Mac network

I have four Mac workstations and two drobo 5n’s connected via Netgear 8 port fast ethernet switch FS108. all the Macs are set to : configure IPv4 using DHCP and are generating IP addresses like The first Drobo I connected was added successfully via the dashboard and is using default IP Following the instructions to add the second Drobo, a manually assigned an IP This Drobo will not show in the dashboard, although I am able to connect to it using afp:// - I’m afraid assigning this address was a big mistake. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated

hi, sorry i dont know much about this,
but am just wondering… what if you try to connect the 2nd one, on it’s own, automatically… does it get found in a similar way as the 1st one?

if so, what if you then try adding the 1st, automatically.
eg, have you tried swapping the order in which you add them?

Thanks for the feedback, the drobo dash does not see the 2nd Drobo - even if it connected directly. auto discovery or IP search does not see it. Is there a way to change the IP address other than reseting the device? I have a lot of material on it and don’t want to transfer it off via afp:// if its not necessary. Thanks again

hi am not sure, but hang in there and soemone else might be able to chime in,
and you might as well raise a support ticket with the team too meanwhile.