Travel with an ornery Drobo

I plan to do some long term RVing and want to bring my Drobo. I assume leaving it in an RV while towing is probably not good for it, having the drives bouncing around in their bays. I think that removing and wrapping the drives while driving will be sufficient. But I don’t like removing drives, my Drobo doesn’t like change. It gets very grumpy and destructive when I tamper with it. I want to know if I kill the power to it, remove all the disks, travel, replace all the disks in the same slots, then power it back up, is it gonna know it’s been tricked?

What you have proposed in theory is correct. I would code you HDDs with permanent markers as well to avoid load mistakes. Drobos seem to be a little precious, so treat it with care.
You must be requiring access to a lot of data to not just copy a selection onto 1 or 2 external HDDs!
Perhaps do so any way just in case the Drobo gets travel sick en route?

Enjoy your trip.

My movie, audiobook and music collection.
I’ll just buy a 5TB portable for $110 and take a little less with me.