Transporter syncing issue with members, since Sierra

I’m using the Transporter in our company to sync files with three people, myself included. One of them is my associate, who shares the same Transporter account as I do.

Recently we got an intern, who we invited as a member to our Recent Work-folder. Syncing between all three computers haven’t been a problem until last week.

The files that our intern creates or copies on her computer don’t show up on our computers. The actions on existing files like moving are visible to us. But anything new doesn’t sync with the other two computers.

We updated all of our systems to Sierra, and it might be too much of a coincidence. Has anyone else experienced similar problems, or know of a solution? Or is the member-option a bad choice to share certain folders of a Transporter with someone?

hi, while i only had directly attached drobos myself, i was wonndering what is the difference between you and your associate and the 3rd new person? sharing the same account might not necessarily be the best way to go, though maybe there is a way to setup a 4th user as a test (but that 4th member is setup like the 3rd intern member, and uses a computer similar to you or your friend)… that way it could help to pinpoint whether it is the 3rd persons computer setup, or the transporter membership setup that might be causing that problem?

(to play safe though, try to have a spare backup of your data, just in case the test somehow syncrhonises in the wrong way)