Transporter like functionality on Drobo products (A no-brainer)

I’ve been a long time admirer of Drobo products. I’ve never been able to justify the need for one, but would like too. I use a transporter sync currently and find it to be an ok product.

It’s Achilles heel is speed. Drobo on the other hand excels in this department. If the Drobo 5N for example were to merge transporter functionality with itself, I’d buy one right now. I need file sync more than I need storage. (I’m syncing virtual machines across computers.)

Anybody know if there has been any talk on something like this?



There have been a number of requests/comments (including one from me) but to date there have been no replies from the company.

My own post prompted a reply from the community that solved my needs - to use Bittorrent Sync. It runs as an app on the Drobo 5N, on our Macs, and on our various iOS and Android devices. It works on our home LAN at wire-speed and also across the Internet. Best of all, it’s free.

Check it out -

Thanks for your response. I’ve just tried bittorrent sync last week, and initially was very pleased with it. I have a VNC computer that is low power and I don’t mind leaving on, but I found that the syncing portion was corrupting my VM files. I’m going to try it again because if it works, I’ll get a 5N and let it be the always on piece of the puzzle.

I mention Transporter because Drobo owns it, and it would be a could way to utilize that tech further and increase their other products capabilities as well.