Transmission An Official Drobo App Now?

[quote=“ricardo, post:11, topic:133678”]The only thing that I really missed is the RSS feed autodownload. To fix that I compiled Automatic ( ).

Automatic is not really user-friendly, which is why I haven’t yet made an app out of it, but as Steven pointed out the combination Transmission+Automatic is much more NAS-friendly than rtorrent+rutorrent.[/quote]

I really love the ease of use with the Transmission app, although the missing RSS feed automation is slowly erasing time from my day. Any updates on Automatic Ricardo? Your link is now broken.

And thanks for your rtorrent review NASUser101. I’d look into switching to it but I’m afraid my OSX (or any OS really) command line skills rate about zero.

[EDIT: I’ve solved this problem. My full download speed is actually reached, but it seems that maybe if I let the remote interface running, it slows it down. I’ve just achieved 27,3MB/s average on a 15GB file which, at the time of the writing below, was not going over 14MB/s. My disk cache size, adjusted while downloading (so I can’t tell if it’s to be considered), have been set at 8MB.]

I’m using the latest Transmission (2.82) from DroboApps.
I can’t get it to download any faster than 14MB/s. My line is a 300Mbps/50Mbps.
When testing the same torrent on my Mac Pro, same Transmission version, I can saturate my connection’s bandwidth.
I run my tests with a Ubuntu image.
Do you have any idea of optimization that could be done to achieve the same speed on both systems?
What about disk cache? Raising it seems to help, but I can’t pinpoint the best value, and I’m far from what my computer gets.

Any help, as always, appreciated :slight_smile: