Transferring drives from Drobo 5C to 5N2

I’m currently using a Drobo 5C, with 5 drives installed. If I removed these drives and put them into a Drobo 5N2, would I see the volume as originally created on the 5C?

No, disk packs can’t be migrated between the direct attached & the network attached units.
There’s a page here showing what disk packs can be moved to what other units.

A 5N2 won’t talk to previously used disks from a 5C without doing some sort of secure erase on them before inserting them in the 5N2 even if you put a couple of new drives in the 5N2 & migrate your data then re-use 3 from the 5C. You’ll get an error about disks from another pack if simply swapped.

So… I guess the question becomes…

I have the 5C unit. I have been unable to locate anymore 5C units for sale anywhere. However, with that said, I CAN get a 5N2 unit. I am concerned that if the 5C unit goes bad, I have no way to get the data. So, the only recourse would be I have to find another 5C unit? Or, is that still the same problem, unable to transfer all 5 drive from the old 5C to the new 5C? Or, THAT instance WOULD work?

Well I provided a link to a chart, but starting with a pack from a 5C, it can be put into another 5C, a 5D, 5D3, or 8D subject to the unit being powered off when you put them in & the firmware being up to date on the replacement. Anything other than another 5C is a one-way trip, you couldn’t move them back.

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Thanks, much appreciated. Yes, just noticed now with that link that it shows what I can migrate from and to. That helps a lot.

Thank you.

Might I suggest you create a backup set anyway, to enjoy a higher level of security of your important data and, a set from which you could reinstall your data if you still want to pursue a migration from your 5C to any new NAS-drobo unit.

Yes, thank you. I already have a backup of the data that’s on the 5C unit that I’ve done manually. But I think what I am also going to do is pickup the Drobo 5N2 now, and use that as backup to the 5C. So, the 5C will backup daily automatically to the 5N2. And, the 5C is already set up as dual-disk redundancy, and I will do the same to 5N2. So, the 5C backing up to the 5N2 automatically, plus manual backups that I do on occasion, and stored elsewhere.

Here’s another question on the 5C. If I have a volume created with 5 drives… if I take out those 5 drives, place them on the side, then put another 5 drives in the 5C, this will obviously create a new volume. Ok… can I then take out that new 5-drive volume, and put the old 5-drive volume in, and the original volume will show up? In other words, can I swap out whole volumes? Or, is there some memory somewhere (on the unit or computer) that will prevent me from doing this? I know I would have to shut down completely when swapping out the drives.

I see no technical reason you couldn’t do that with two disk packs, I’ve not tried it but reading up suggests you’d be fine. Personally I’d be very careful with disk labelling if I did, so the pack went back with the drives in the same order. That used to be required, it might not be with more recent firmware, but I’d do so anyway.

I also wouldn’t want to be doing this regularly with SATA drives, according to the Wikipedia article on SATA the standard connector has a design life (per specification) of 50 matings, while they’ll probably last longer, my external drive dock has, possibly much longer, they’re not designed for regular plugging & unplugging the way things like USB connectors are. As such you wouldn’t have very good grounds for complaint if they later started giving connection problems owing to wear.

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