Transfer speed slows to a crawl

I’ve been trying to move a ton of stuff to a new 5D. Some folders in the gigabyte range move quickly but i have one folder that contains several terabytes of files. When i try to move that folder the transfer speed slows to a literal crawl. Taking about 5+ second per 1MB of data !

Has anyone else experienced this ? I’ve seen it time and time again. Rebooted , tried other large folders , same problem.[hr]
An update: Eventually after god knows how many cancellations and re-initiations of the transfer it finally seems to be going ahead at a regular speed. Grrrrrrr.

Anyone else experienced this ?

How long ago did you set up your 5D? If it was set up in the last day or two, Drobo does some internal optimization that can slow things down initially.

Also, many small files is slower to manage than a few large files, so the nature of your data can also play a factor.

I had just set it up the day before. But I was able to start smaller transfers with no problem. It was only the large ones in the TB range that had issue so I’m not sure that’s the problem.

So here’s the thing, I’ve found that the Drobo 5D tends to transfer larger files/folders a decent amount slower than that of smaller files/folders respectively. Keep in mind what’s happening: you’re moving a great deal of data (larger single files take even longer) to at it’s most basic concept is a smart array requiring CPU processing to relay the data to the correct areas of the drives. Also thing about the drives you’re using. Are you using Green drives? 7200RPM? This will influence this as well. Do you have an SSD? You may even find that these transfers going even SLOWER WITH an SDD (initially).

Imagine this…I had an older USB 3.0 RAID 5 box that was holding my 7.5TB worth of data that I needed to get on to one Drobo 5D. I copied this via USB 3.0 to the Drobo 5D without the SSD installed and it took 16 hours to copy over. For HDD allocation purposes, I then needed to copy everything from Drobo to Drobo, so I figured I’d use Thunderbolt since it’s ultrafast, plus it had the SSD in it. This transfer took 28 hours. Take what you will from this scenario.

Based on what’s happened to Zathrak’s Drobos, I think he’s recommending you take a class C fire extinguisher. :stuck_out_tongue:

True that! :smiley:

Interesting… perhaps some of the 5D’s speed boost may simply be from caching small files (even without SSD). Maybe it uses some of its internal memory for caching or something.