Traditional wisdom says...

If a new release movie has the faith of the studio and director, it’s screened early to generate good ‘word of mouth’.

If it sucks, it’s held until release day so the public can’t be warned about how bad it is.

The Mini has already shipped and there are NO write-ups/releases to be found. 0_o

The units are shipping and in the hands of the end-user. Where are the reviews?

I’m sticking by my original post. ~200MB for a Thunderbolt array?

My USB3 array gets ~180MB.

What USB 3 array are you using?

2x 3TB Western Digital USB3 drives in a RAID0 on my Mac Mini Server. Nothing fancy.!7957

BTW- here is the built-in SSD for the OS!7958

Can a Mini or 5D show me anything close to these speeds?

[quote=“mgriffin34, post:4, topic:13951”]
2x 3TB Western Digital USB3 drives in a RAID0 on my Mac Mini Server. Nothing fancy.[/quote]
Also nothing redundant or which you can upgrade with larger drives: both reasons to get a Drobo.

Of course not, but if we’re comparing purely on transfer rates, my RAM drive beats the snot out of your RAID0.
You do have a valid point, though. Drobos aren’t speed demons. These new models have the potential to make them more competitive.

Actually, my new Drobo mini equipped with 4 Hitachi 1TB 7200rpm hard drives and no mSATA is clocking about 190MB/s write and 236MB/s read, which I’m pretty happy with. This is over Thunderbolt.

[quote=“rdo, post:5, topic:13951”]

I’m already a staunch advocate of the Drobo. I love mine. I have a 5D on pre-order. I was just hoping for better speeds out of the new units.

BTW- I posted my USB and SSD numbers because the new Drobos should fall somewhere in the middle. Instead, it looks like the Mini, at least, is on par with a USB3 RAID.

That’s still plenty of bandwidth for my needs. I get along fine with my FW800 4-bay Drobo. :smiley:

It’s a good upsell metric. (Slightly) Improved performance with more data longevity (I struggled to find a word that wasn’t easily misunderstood like security).