Traditional Gown at a Chinese Wedding Party

Weddings from most cultures are rich in tradition and Chinese weddings are no exception. Though many modern Chinese couples have adopted more Western traditions and only incorporate certain aspects of a traditional Chinese wedding into their nuptials, there are still those that wish to dress in traditional cheongsam.
Northern Chinese women wear the qipao, a one-piece outfit embroidered with silver and gold designs. Women from the south traditionally wear the Cheongsam or Qun Gua, a two-piece wedding ensemble with an embroidered phoenix and dragon. A traditional Chinese groom wears a black silk coat over a robe embroidered with dragons. He also wears a black hat with red tassels.
One area in which Chinese weddings really stand apart from Western weddings is the color of the dress. In a typical western wedding, the bride dons a wedding gown of white to symbolize her purity. In Chinese culture, it is customary for the bride to wear a dress that is a vibrant red and that is embroidered with silver and gold thread. The Chinese Historical and Cultural Project notes that red is thought to bring good luck, so cloaking a bride in vestments of red is considered lucky. Additionally, the bride’s face is hidden behind a veil of red.
More than just being colorful and embroidered, there is meaning to a traditional Chinese wedding dress. The embroidery on the bride’s dress is very specific. It is the dragon and phoenix which is symbolic of man and woman. According to China Bridal, having a gown embroidered with these two symbols, symbolizes the balance of power between masculine and feminine, which is how a marriage is meant to be.
Traditional bridal wedding shoes are made of red and green felt. A red bridal veil covers the bride’s face throughout the ceremony. The groom later removes the veil when the couple is alone and the wedding is over.