Total Noob needs advice

Hey everyone.

I just got my Drobo FS in today and finally got it up and running. I am looking for a little advice on how best to use it. Here’s my back story:

I have a 250GB Main drive on my Mac, a 500GB I use for “work” such as taking an original video or picture file, creating multiple versions as I save while I’m editing, and a 1TB drive for final storage of my stuff. In essence it’s mainly my iTunes and media server.

I got the Drobo so I would be able to have backups in case things got lost. From what I read on the Drobo website, I simply connected the Drobo, partitioned the drive and used it as I would any other external. This doesn’t seem to be the case. Tech Support (for a dashboard version issue) said that was done using “shares”. So I created a 500GB share for my time machine backup of my primary HD (250GB), but am not sure how to best use the rest of my space.

I’d like to have a Time Machine backup of the final drive (1TB). Tech support did not recommend using Time Machine to back up external drives as it would “Constantly be backing up”.

Any suggestions?