torrent client with RSS support and autostart

on the DroboApps page there is Enhanced CTorrent, which is command-line based and seems hard to use.

In the forums I found Transmission 1.83 which has a nice web-interface for remote access.

Neither client seems to support autostarting from a watch directory, or RSS downloading.

My dream is to have the same functionality that i currently use with Utorrent. not only can i autostart downloads from a RSS feed but i can setup filters based on the names of files (example: any file name that starts with House will be saved in a particular directory)

for now I’m really just looking for an RSS downloader that can get the torrent files in a directory on my drobo, and a torrent client with a ‘watch directory’ that will auto-start torrents left in that directory.

Someone else here in the forums said that transmission supports a watch directoy, but I don’t see nay config to set that up with the current port (1.83).

Is there anyone else looking for this solutuons? Is there anyone working on anything related to this that needs help?

The DroboShare has so much potential… I really hope that we can work together as a community to create some user friendly solutuons!!!

I, also, am looking for an RSS downloader… Maybe that integrates into Transmission.

Now, Transmission does support a watch directory. Perform a quick search on the forums to find the line of text that will support this.

Check out this post, specifically the link to TED. I think it may suit some of your requirements.