Patiently and quietly scanning the forums for any new (and useful) posts about updated firmware and anything about Drobo Corp.

And when you detect something I trust you’ll relay it here.

hi just another thought about any new software…

page 2 of greggers problem/questions post recently below, reminded me of this:

Edit (for dons 3rd point) :
id suggest that new dashboard versions, always try to maintain backwards compatibility with older drobo models and older firmware. eg if version 1 works with a gen1, version 2 should work too.

any UI modifications, simply (and understandably) would need to be re-mapped to the relevant ui elements, but apart from that, what works already should simply still work going forward too - thats my suggestion.

and unless something fundamentally changes as part of an operating system patch/feature/upgrade, (which understandably can cause problems) then i dont think any users would have a problem if the new dashboard versions were a few megabytes larger over time per major version because that would be a very small price to pay for more compatibility. :slight_smile: