Too many hard drives have been removed... but there are no hard drives installed

A) Hello Drobo Forum, I shut down my drobo and removed all the drives from the Drobo 5D. I then turned it back on. Drobo Dashboard says, "Too many hard drives have been removed. I want to check the status of my Drobo unit, alone, without drives. I’ve attempted to shut down and restart the drobo several times. I keep getting this message. What does it mean? All the lights are solid red. Thank you for your time.

B) Secondly, if i shut down the drobo, remove drives, restart the drobo, then do a Drobo Reset, will I be able to put my disk packs back into the Drobo, while retaining all the data that was on there? (Essentially, will a drobo reset fix the “Too many hard drives…” problem?)

hi, can i check if you have left any other drives insisde your drobo, such as an mSata? (if so, maybe powering down fully, and also removing that, might do the trick)

for your B) question, in theory it sounds ok, though would you be able to try the following first?

can you power all off (including shutting down computer etc) and to remove all cables from the drobo
and then to remove any msata if there
and then still with power off and cables unplugged, to actually put all of your diskpack drives back inside, ideally where they came from,
and then powering up the computer and dashboard,
and then trying to connect the drobo again and to power it up as you usually would,
what happens now?

does the drobo (and dashboard) recognise the diskpack and all works ok?

(btw can i check if the drobo with diskpack was working fine before you posted, or was there possibly another issue that you had which led you to try removing drives? any other info about that could be handy if you get a moment too)