Too many disk drives have been removed

I have seen this out there, but not anything that I can find to help me… It could be that I am just totally screwed, but here I go. I have just inherited a company with a server that has a DroboPro that contains 5 drives (2) 2TB and (3) 1TB. Last week one of the 1TB drives was flashing red and before I got a chance to fix it one of the 2TB drives went out. I have replaced them, but now I have the too many hard drives have been removed. Please re-insert the removed hard drives. Well, that does me no good. Are there any utilities that I can run that may help restore some of the data and get me going again?

I am assuming that this 'Pro only had single disk recovery enabled, not dual disk recovery?

in which case you may well be (to use your word) screwed.

As a company hopefully there are backups? (but frequently there are not)

the two failed drives - have you tried plugging them into a PC? do they spin up? MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT WRITE TO OR INITIALISE OR ALTER THESE DISKS IN ANYWAY

They may have been rejected by the drobopro but still functional to some degree.

if they are you may be able to put both disks back into the drobopro and start it up in read only mode - which would force it to use those “failed” disks… and would allow you to recover data

[quote]Please follow this procedure to put the Drobo into Read Only mode:

Put your Drobo into Standby/Shutdown via the Drobo Dashboard (if it’s not already) and remove the power. With the Drobo completely powered off eject your drives at least 1 to 2 inches.

How do I safely shut down my Drobo device?

Power up the empty Drobo.

Once the Drobo connects to the Drobo Dashboard, double-click the Drobo icon and press keystroke: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-R in Windows or CTRL-OPTION-SHIFT-R if you are running Macintosh.

You should get two prompts, one right away, and one a few minutes later. Please click to reboot the Drobo at that time (if you don’t get the second prompt for 5 minutes standby the unit using Drobo Dashboard and then cycle the power).

Once the Drobo connects to the Drobo Dashboard please check that the Drobo is in read-only mode (RO) by looking at the name of the Drobo in the Status or Capacity screens and verifying that there is an (RO) after the name. If it is not in read only mode please start over at step 4.

Once verified Drobo is in Read Only (RO) Mode, put Drobo into Standby. Once in Standby/Shutdown disconnect power. It is Critical that step 5 above is confirmed. Data loss can occur if the Drobo is not in read only mode.

Once the drives are securely seated in the Drobo, power On the Drobo. The Drobo should connect to the Dashboard.[/quote]

If you cannot get it to use all the disks in read only mode to rcover your data, and there is no backup, then you need to contact a professional data recovery service and decide if the data is worth the recovery fee.

Let us know how it goes!

Well… Tried all of the above. I guess I will reinitialize it. This is data that I would like to have kept, but not data that I need to have kept. Not worth the cost of recovery.