Tips on amount of Files or Folders in Root

Hi all, i was just wondering if there were any known tips for Drobo v1 and v2 regarding files and folder in the root dir.

eg, logic dictates (so far), that if i move lots of exe demos from the drobo root folder into a subfolder, i can launch the root drobo letter much more quickly as there are less icons to extract and less exe’s for the virus scanner to scan etc.

(if i exclude the virus scanner), is there a recommended max number of files per folder that i should try and adopt and is there a max folders limit for the root drive letter?

eg i have over 300 files, and about 100 folders in my root drobo letter.
are there any tips you guys know of or have experienced?


Generally speaking, organize it as makes sense.

As I get older I find my thinking is much less hierarchical and more graph-like, so I often have this sorting difficulty.

(as in pie charts because you’re eating more mince-pies this time of year)? :slight_smile:

actually something i found useful… is a tool called “cathy” v2.28.3 by r.vasicek
it takes a while to “catalogue” a drobo, but its really good, helps me find things, and with a double click, it shows me the directory structure where it is, and i can then launch it or open an explorer window to it etc.

every so often i do a catalogue refresh at night and so far so good

Thanks for the Cathy pointer - seems there are lots of utilities over there.

youre welcome.

i was thinking of staring a new thread to mention “success stories” with various programs and the drobo but not sure where to post it :slight_smile: