TimeTamer not launching

Hi, I’m trying to get TimeTamer to work on my Drobo S and Macbook Air (OS X 10.6.3).
After installing the TimeTamer-upload.zip and opening TimeTamer.app (the automator script), nothing happened. TimeTamer app opened, but no dialog box appeared (as the TimeTamer.pdf Read Me file said it would).
So the “three simple steps” it takes to install this script aren’t coming up… and there are no settings or preferences in the TimeTamer application, so I’m at a standstill.

I’ve tried the process with Time Machine both on and off. Doesn’t make a difference. I’ve tried reinstalling the script, and the standard “turning it off and on again”, too. Agh!

Any help? Plz? Thanks!

drobo s does not support drobo apps.

But … Time Tamer isn’t a Drobo App, right? It’s just an Automator script, and it should work no matter what type of Drobo you have.

Still, I have no suggestions for how to make it run properly, Perhaps open with Automator directly?