Another question.

I shall be using a b810n on a Mac network and should like to use apple timemachine

The “manual” is not clear.

Does each Mac need its own share for time machine or can they all use the same share? ( as I already do with the smaller time capsule for 2 macs which is part of the apple router)

What us the maximum number of shares that can be used on the b810n, is there a limit to connected computers? ( I realise that more means slower access)

They should be able to use a common share - TimeMachine encodes machine names into its naming scheme.

When you create a Time Machine share from Dashboard you will be able to specify how much space the volume can consume (as TimeMachine will use all the space available to it). All your Time Machine backups will share this limit if they are on a common share.



Thanks, ill try it.
B810n “manual” seems a cut and paste from 5N where it says each machine should have it own Time Machine share for some reason.

At present I’m using one timecapsule for several computers, so no reason that one share should not work, as you say.

How many time machine shares can the B810n have?

The supported document hasn’t been updated http://www.drobo.com/downloads/products/Feature-Brief-TM.pdf


Just in case it helps anyone, drobo support got back to me. This doesn’t sound right as the PDF says other top end Drobo devices can have lots of shares but the B810n can only have 1!! :confused:

While this is the “normal” way (e.g. with the Apple Time Capsule), I would strongly suggest creating a share for every Time Machine client.

Time Machine fills up the available space and trashes old backups when there is not enough space to create a new backup. This behaviour will lead to an unbalanced amount of backup space for the clients and a client that only uses a small portion if the backup share might need to trash recent data because another client eats up all the space and has a rather long backup history.

Another example would be adding another client at a later point in time. If the TM share is completely blocked by the current client(s) there is no way to tell Time Machine to free some space because you would like to backup another client to this share. :slight_smile: