TimeMachine with Yosemite

Are there any known issues with using TimeMachine on Yosemite and the Drobo? Seems my MacBook has not been able to perform a backup since I installed Yosemite. Everything was working fine prior.

I am able to launch Drobo Dashboard from my Mac so my Mac can obviously find the Drobo. I can also see all the shares in Finder.

There have not been any reported issues with time machine and OSX Yosemite, can you advise what type of Drobo you are using? Is this a DAS or a NAS? Can you also confirm the model of the MAC you are using?

Drobo Support

I also have similar experience since switching to Yosemite; using 4-Bay Gen 2 Drobo connected via Firewire and Timemachine
Back-up starts on iMac but only runs for 9.6MB of 53Gb. Have rebuilt drive a couple of times to no avail.

Drobo mounts, and contents can be accessed via Finder. Drobo Dashboard also works fine.
My MacBooks back up with no issues.
Any suggestions?

I just installed a new Drobo 5N and can see the share from my Mac running Yosemite but Tim Machine does not see it? It there a trick to making it visible? New to Drobo. Also, the share is “Time machine” enabled.

Same issue here. I am trying to set a new Time Machine up for the first time on a MBP (A1278) running Yosemite. We have two generations of the laptop. The newer one has had Time Machine working for a year with our Drobo 5N over a wireless network. The older one has never had it, but I was trying to set it up today. Got the drive mounted and can see the file for the newer MBP’s Time Machine in the share. I set up and can see the separate share for this old MBP, too, when looking in Finder. A bit at a loss as to what to do, as I’m at the limit of my technical capabilities.


Does this help? Specifically, on page 4: “NOTE – For multiple computers, Time Machine requires a dedicated share for each host.” This latter point is interesting because it is certainly not the case for other NAS devices, such as the WD MyCloud, where multiple Macs can backup to the same share.

Incidentally, I strongly recommend using a cabled connection rather than WiFi for heavy file transfers like that initial full Time Machine backup.