TimeMachine Volume

I was adding a Time Machine volume on my 5d and it got to the reboot stage and never got out of it. After about 10 minutes of rebooting the computer crashed. A Mac with all the latest Drobo firmware and Dashboard versions.

It just keeps rebooting. Computer or Drobo dashboard doesn’t recognize it.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

I had one more idea. Reboot the Drobo with the computer off and nothing connected to it. It worked. after a few minutes all was green after a sequence of blue and amber lights and it went into sleep mode. I turned on the computer a few minutes after that and it is all there. Including the new Time Machine volume. WOW!

hi, am not sure what happened, but maybe another program, possibly spotlight search indexer, tried to index it just before it had fully been setup, though its good that you were able to get things working ok again