Timemachine on 5DT problem


I followed the instructions for setting up a Time Machine as a new volume on my 5DT. The capacity is 4TB out of 22TB in total. When I had set it up previously I could see 2 separate volumes which were my normal Data and then the Time Machine as a separate volume. Now I only see the data volume but my Mac still recognises it as a Time Machine and it works.

There are however 2 problems:

  1. I am using Backblaze for off site backup and Backblaze sees only 1 volume and identifies it as a Time Machine volume and as such will not back it up.
  2. I have 4TB that is now allocated and not used at all.

It looks like something went wrong in the allocation - any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


Does anyone have any ideas here?

To add insult to injury one of the HDD’s has now failed so I am in restore mode.


I don’t have an answer, but I am highly interested in this as well.

One of my clients is in a similar position as you. Currently, her Drobo is NOT configured as a data volume and a Time Machine volume; rather it is configured as a single volume. However, she is using this single volume for both data storage and as Time Machine storage. (FYI, I did not set this up.)

Like you, she also has Backblaze and Backblaze will not allow the volume to be backed up because of the TimeMachine data on it.

What we want to do is copy all of her Drobo data to an external drive, reset and reformat her Drobo, and create two volumes–one for data and one for TimeMachine. We were hoping this would allow Backblaze to see and backup the data volume and Time Machine to backup everything else.

If this doesn’t work, we need to come up with another solution.